For causes that we feel strongly about, McGraw Designs will partake in volunteer design work or contribution to a charitable cause. McGraw Designs prides itself in the volunteer work that we do for non-profit companies and will continue to do work within our company for charitable causes. 

Please contact us if you have a program in need of design services


Rodeo City Rollergirls

2016 - 2020

The mission of the Rodeo City Rollergirls is to foster community, sportsmanship, and athleticism by providing positive athletic role models and instilling a sense of sisterhood, loyalty, hard work and competitiveness among our skaters and a sense of family among our organization as a whole.

McGraw Designs has done several social media, advertising, and promotional materials for the Rodeo City Rollergirls. They volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and several other local organizations in Ellensburg, Washington. 

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Rose City Rollers

2018 - 2019

"As an almost entirely volunteer-run organization, the Rose City Rollers offer opportunities for skaters and community volunteers to learn professional skills by working and training along side experienced professionals. Our volunteers also work hard to support local non-profit organizations whose missions resonate and reflect the RCR mission. We are hard at work building a strong, supportive, and welcoming community of skaters, fans, volunteers, and other organizations." -

Humane Society for

SW Washington 

2015 - 2017

McGraw Designs has helped the Humane Society for SW Washington by volunteering regularly as needed as a designer or photographer. We have assisted in the design of fundraising t-shirts for team events such as the Walk for Animals. This company is widely known for their care of animals and the duties they provide for society.

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Red Sand Project

2015 - 2016

We were involved in a movement created by an artist in Texas to bring awareness of human trafficking in the United States. We did an installment at Central Washington University to get people asking questions and thinking about ways to help reduce the amount of human trafficking in our own community. We collaborated with Juneteenth, a local organization that assists victims of human trafficking. 

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